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UrtheCast’s Medium-Resolution Camera (MRC), Theia, acquires strips of imagery directly below the Space Station. Once acquired, the image strips are divided into segments and made available in an online catalog for search, discovery, and purchase.

Scene Dimensions: Theia scenes are each approximately 50km x 100km in size. Theia products are delivered as individual scenes.

Cloud Cover: Theia archive products are processed as ordered without any cloud cover limitation. Any tasking requirements will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Imaging Restrictions: Theia cannot image above/below approximately 52° latitude due to the orbit of the ISS.

Tasking Policy: If the required cloud cover rate is not achieved at the end of the specified time window, the customer will have two options:

  1. Extend the duration of the acquisition campaign: Tasking will continue over the target until successfully acquired
  2. Stop the acquisition campaign: Tasking will stop, and the imagery acquired so far will be processed, delivered, and invoiced.


Targets in very poor weather areas may not be accepted for tasking.


Product Licensing:

Any licenses purchased and resold by Reseller will be one of the types listed below, as selected by Reseller. The Uplift will depend on the license type chosen and will be determined in accordance with the table below. The applicable EULA in respect of any Product will be that EULA having the same name as the license type selected by Reseller for such Product.  Each EULA is set out on Annex 2.


Product Licensing Uplifts
License Type Permitted Licensees Pricing Uplift
Basic User License 1 – 5 0%
Extended User License 6 – 10 20%
Unlimited/Broadcast User License > 10 Contact Us
Academic User License N/A -30%

Order Cancellation/Modification Policy:


Cancellation/Modification Conditions* Fee
< 2 Business Days After Order Confirmation 20% of Net Order Value
> 2 Business Days After Order Confirmation 100% of Net Order Value

*Orders cannot be modified or cancelled after shipment


Additional Fees:


Additional Fees (USD)
Product Reprocessing Fee 20% per product
Physical Delivery Fee (Hard Drive) $250 per hard drive