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Iris / HRC - General Information

UrtheCast’s High-Resolution Camera (HRC), Iris will acquire videos of fixed ground targets by capturing a sequence of image frames as the ISS passes overhead. The HRC camera will be tasked to acquire these videos over customer-specified targets before these videos are placed into a catalog for later search, discovery, and purchase.

Minimum Order: One (1) Iris Video product (Between 30 and 60 seconds in length)

Archive Aging: Iris videos must be more than 120 days old to quality for archive pricing

Cloud Cover: Iris archive products are processed as ordered without any cloud cover limitation. Any tasking requirements will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Standard Tasking: Orders are acquired at standard priority within a standard delivery time frame based upon historical weather conditions and competition. Standard tasking orders are not provided with upcoming access date details.

Priority Tasking: Orders are acquired at elevated priority on specific dates as specified by the customer. Priority tasking orders are provided with upcoming access date details.