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In the field of transportation (including safety of aircraft’s), communication

Space monitoring lets to execute a shooting of airports and adjacent territories in order to detect safety threats for takeoff and landing of aircrafts.

  • Monitoring of construction of objects, power lines, other obstacles located in aerodrome environs and territory within the frame of air-routes.
  • Geographic coordinates of airports territory boundaries;
  • Geographic coordinate referencing of space images to the digital vector map;
  • Creation of digital plan on the base of vectorization of the space image;
  • Digital plan for resolving of issues of first technical record-keeping of equipment and buildings, design objectives and operation of communication networks in relevant scale;
  • Assessment of condition of main communications, including mapping of infrastructure and critical infrastructure;
  • Monitoring of roads condition;
  • Update of railway and highway roads, executive mapping of new highways;
  • Monitoring and planning of highways construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure objects (road junctions, bridges, parking, fuel stations, etc.);
  • Mapping of natural-anthropogenic systems dynamic patterns and forecast of their stability in order to develop guidelines for engineering protection improvement;
  • Monitoring of progress of major investment projects;

City planning and land planning

  • Definition of exact boundaries of built-in and unbuilt areas;
  • Detection of unapproved housing development;
  • Assessment of construction sites condition for civil works and access roads to them, selection of development land for new construction activities;
  • Creation and update of digital mapping base of land cadaster;
  • Creation and update of state topographic plans, etc.