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SCSGi provides data, knowledge and information derived from open sources for a wide range of applications. The products and services have a basic foundation derived from space-based assets capable of providing high resolution, day / night, all-weather surveillance worldwide. Products and services include:


Geo-rectified, Ortho-rectified and Digital Elevation Models acquired from commercially available Electro-Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites.


All-source Analytic Assessments utilising space-based and open source data to address specific market segments. Services include priority tasking and collection, data processing, exploitation and analysis and generation of daily, weekly or monthly reports addressing the client needs.


These include application oriented products such as demographics, retail market evaluation, locational based services and risk assessments.

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New entrants into the Earth Observation industry have made it cheaper and easier to provide images, and even video, of Earth from Space. Chorosworks collaborates with these new providers, as well as established providers, in order to provide more affordable and up-to-date imagery than ever before. Our online ordering system makes it easy for customers to order their imagery, and our use of virtual satellite constellations makes it possible for revisit frequencies to be measured in hours instead of days.

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Through our partnership with AfricaScope, who are leaders in the African public sector-based quantitative and qualitative research, we provide multinational companies with spatially-enhanced demographic data, and lifestyle- and financial-segmentation models. These models are primarily used as a planning base for expansion programs into Africa.

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Our spatial data science platform allows multiple sources and formats of spatially-enabled data, and its associated attributes, to be stored in a standards-compliant manner.DataVault performs all necessary data-related functions including image processing, analysis, storage and access control; all of which enable in-depth analysis, decision making and planning.

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We work closely with our partners to develop and refine technology solutions that address unmet needs. We rely on up to date technologies and processes to rapidly develop and refine solutions into sustainable and growth businesses. Our approach reduces both technology and business risk, while ensuring that the solutions reach their full market and impact potential.

Simple enterprise integration

Our data import API makes for easy integration with existing systems, enabling sophisticated enterprise capabilities.

Advanced visualisation

Interactively visualize your data in a great number of ways, maximising your analytical discovery and insights.


Our powerful cloud based geospatial analytics and visualisation platform allows enterprises to prepare and interpret their business-critical data visually.

Analyse anything, anywhere

Unmatched performance, visualizations, and flexibility that allow users to access analytics, identify trends, and unveil patterns.

Simple and easy to use

Featuring a simple and intuitive web-based interface users are able to experience the full power of the platform without expert guidance.

FarEarth Maritime Monitoring Services

Maritime Monitoring Service offers access to an online portal providing users with the ability to monitor coasts, fisheries, exclusive economic zones, continental shelfs and beyond. The service provides the use of optical and radar satellites to detect and identify vessels located in imagery and reported by geographical location (latitude/longitude), vessel dimensions, heading and approximate speed.

Vessels detected are correlated with space - and ground - based Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Vessel Management Systems (VMS) and other available sources, non-reporting and non-compliant vessels highlighted, monitored and reported.

Vessel Event Notifications are automatically dispatached to users via SMS, Email, Internet and Voice. Authorities receive full-resolution satellite browse images of ships and associated description in near-time to assist with response planning


We have an incredible team of experts within our company, led by:

Frank Ortmann
Team Lead and Data Scientist
Turcia Busakwe
Ground Station Manager
Dewald Lloyd
Head Of Resellers - Africa
Nico de Wet
Operations Manager
Tokelo Matlou
Business Development
Jacques du Toit
Data Scientist
Shirley Molomo
Product Development and Support

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